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In the nineties, I had the privilege of working alongside my father as his construction company renovated apartment blocks dating from when our city, Wrocław, was still considered part of German. In this way, I learned the rudiments of both rough construction and fine carpentry in a challenging and practical setting.  

In 2001, determined to increase my skills, I relocated to New York City. This proved to be a momentous decision. Work as a lead carpenter and construction foreman helped me to acquire a more intimate knowledge of what it takes to restore homes in a manner which both satisfies the demands of the client, and is in keeping with the architect’s original vision.   

As project manager for a number of multimillion-dollar restorations, I have had the opportunity to work alongside many fine designers and architects. These partnerships have taught me that returning homes to their former glory requires more than just time and talent-it takes passion.

That’s why every employee and subcontractor we engage is screened to ensure that they bring the utmost in quality, integrity, and craftsmanship to the company we cherish. When it comes to service, we will never settle for providing you with less than the absolute best. Rest assured that we’ll treat your renovation as if it were the most important project we’ve ever undertaken.  Because it is.