Townhouses & apartments



As with homes of every type, there are many reasons for remodeling or restoring a townhouse or apartment. Maybe a building’s existing floor plan fails to satisfy the needs of its current owner (space and accessibility for example). Or perhaps, protecting a structure from potential floods depends on the elevation of the inner floors. And of course there is always the desire to restore a historic home in keeping with the architect’s original design. With these and every type of building, the leadership, knowledge, vision, and experience of those tasked with carrying out the owner’s wishes is often the homeowner’s most invaluable asset.

There’s no denying that restoring a townhouse to its former glory can be a complicated process. It requires not only superior craftsmanship, and an in-depth understanding of the architect’s vision, but more importantly, the ability to successfully coordinate the complex cross section of trades and tradespeople required to carry out the work on time, within budget, and in keeping with the aesthetic spirit of the project.

For the layperson, this can seem like a monumental task. It may be impossible to consider the big picture when you are currently concerned with who’ll do the general carpentry, or your best bet for the high-end, custom woodworking the project entails. This is where highly-skilled leaders and project managers come into play. Their expertise and experience can mean the difference between a seamless and superb restoration, and one fraught with remodeling misery.

Sometimes doing things right may mean taking a structure back to its bare bones and starting afresh. From planning to project completion, the moving parts which must be coordinated in order to achieve the desired end result can be overwhelming. When this is the case, you want to be sure to surround yourself with those who have the power to provide exactly what you want because they’ve been there and done that before. Whoever suggested that experience is the best teacher could not have been more correct. When it comes to turning your townhome dreams into reality, you want to be sure that the teacher’s most impressive credential is a proven track record of success.