Wojciech Nowak, "Voitec"

is a NYC based DOB licensed and registered general contractor and Connecticut licensed home improvement contractor. In the nineties, he had the privilege of working alongside his father as his construction company renovated apartment landmark buildings dating from the time when his city, Wroclaw, was still considered to be a part of Germany. He learned the rudiments of both rough construction and fine carpentry in a challenging and practical setting.

In 2001, determined to perfect his skills, he relocated to New York City. This proved to be a momentous decision. Working as a master carpenter and construction foreman helped him acquire more intimate knowledge of what it takes to restore homes, in a manner that satisfies demands of the client, and architect's original vision.

As a project manager, consultant and general contractor for a number of multimillion- dollar restorations, he has had the opportunity to work alongside world class designers and architects. These partnerships have taught him that returning homes to their former glory requires more than just time and talent - it takes passion.

Every employee and subcontractor he engages is screened to ensure that they bring the utmost in quality, integrity, and craftsmanship to the company he cherishes. He strives to provide the highest quality service and he'll treat your renovation as if it was the most important project he has ever undertaken. Because it is.

Voitec devotes his free time to his family. In addition, he enjoys soccer and street photography.

Irma Grbo

has an extensive experience in office administration and management and has excellent organizational and time management skills. In partnership with Voitec, she is a dedicated owner and office manager at IG Improvements, Inc since 2016.

Professionally, she loves getting lost in numbers. She is a concrete thinker, organized, and a rule follower not a rule breaker, which led her to pursue a degree in accounting. She holds the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York.

Personally, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and learning about other cultures and food. It can be said that food is her other passion - Irma loves trying out different cuisines, and learning about nutrition, how food industry has changed and how to navigate those changes the best we can. She is also an avid animal lover.

Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Irma currently resides in New York with her husband, two daughters and a cat.