As with homes of every type, there are many reasons for remodeling or restoring a townhouse or apartment. Maybe the existing floor plan fails to satisfy the needs of its current or future owner. Or perhaps, additional square footage is necessary to meet the needs of a growing family. And of course, there is always the desire to restore a historic home while preserving the architect’s original design. In bringing these projects to life, the leadership, knowledge, vision, and experience of the team tasked with turning a homeowner's dreams into reality, is indisputably a homeowner’s most invaluable asset.

There’s no denying that restoring a townhouse to its former glory can be a complicated process. Such projects require the complex coordination of subcontractors and tradespeople required to deliver the work on time and within the budget, as well as superior craftsmanship and an in-depth understanding of the architect’s vision, which are key to preserving a home's original aesthetic integrity.

For the layperson, this can seem like a monumental task. It may be impossible to consider the big picture when you are preoccupied with questions like who will oversee your construction management, or who will represent you when it comes to communication with the architects and engineers. This is where a highly skilled general contractor and project managers come into play. Their expertise and experience can mean the difference between a seamless and superb restoration, and one fraught with remodeling misery.

Sometimes doing things right may mean taking a structure back to its bare bones and starting afresh.
From planning to project completion, the moving parts that must be coordinated to achieve the desired result can be overwhelming, unless you're surrounded by those who have the know-how and experience to provide exactly what you want. When it comes to bringing your townhome vision to life, you want to be sure you're enlisting the expertise of those with a proven track record of success.

No matter what you need, we’re ready to take on even the most complex modifications to masonry, wooden, and steel structures. We have over two-decades of experience in gut renovations of New York townhouses. This experience includes complex vertical and horizontal enlargements of Landmark townhouses, complex gut renovations that stretch from structure replacement, building envelope modifications to rebuilding and restoring all types of architectural woodwork, staircases, stone, glass, and metal. We maintain close relationships with New Yorkers finest structural and mechanical engineering firms, and we have worked with many New York based architects.

In addition to general contracting, we offer all types of construction consulting. Our experience has proven useful for a range of clients and project types, including for those who are about to start the construction process and simply need guidance during the renovation or are unsure if their project is headed in the right direction. We also offer professional builder advice supported by engineering expertise for anyone considering purchasing a townhouse in New York City.